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Funny Pictures from around the internet. We collect Humorous Pictures and Funny Signs to save you the trouble of doing it yourself. We have original Funny Pics as well. We also give our own slant on nearly every Pic we post. Hope you enjoy the show. It's the best fun pics site in town or my name ain't Yo Mama.

HumorCafe Thanksgiving Links

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The True Thanksgiving Story by Dennis Rupert

A Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation and Hobbamock's Homesite

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Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

A history of Thanksgiving Traditions, USA

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Thanksgiving Storybooks and Games for toddlers

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Craft Projects from the Craft Exchange

Awesome Thanksgiving Clipart for Kids

Send a free Animated E-Mail Card

American Football -- NFL and college links

Just what is the difference between Sweet Potatoes and Yams?

Visit Cranberry Expo a little history, a virtual tour, and recipes

Thanksgiving and Your Pet

The scoop on Holidays and Diets

Thanksgiving Feast Countdown from Woman's Day

Let's Talk Turkey and more at the Food Network

A new twist on Thanksgiving Tradition with videos from Kraft Foods

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A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes

Or Turducken -- Includes pictures and links to other unusual dishes.

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Back of the Box for original brand name recipes

Top Secret Recipes clones of favorite brand-name foods

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Thansgiving Traditions from Thanks-Giving Square, Dallas, Texas

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A Season of Thanksgiving

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Holiday Cooking Tips from the National Turkey Federation
Butterball's Turkey Preparation and Lip-Smackin' Leftovers
Perdue Farm's Recipes Galore
Turkey Made Easy compliments of the Reynolds Kitchen Connection
Oven Bag Method
Foil Tent Method
Foil Wrapped Method
Grilled Method
Microwave Method

Holiday Hotlines

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