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Funny Thanksgiving Jokes and Stories - PG 3

From our Collection of Thanksgiving Humor. We have collected these Thanks Giving Jokes and Thanksgiving Holiday stories to amuse you on this lovely day. Hope you enjoy the show. It's the best thanksgiving website in town or my name ain't Squanto.

Happy Thanks Giving Everybooty!

Training a Parrot
Kindly sent in by Cody

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Martha had a parrot called Brutus, the only problem was that Brutus cussed something awful.

Now Martha was having her in-laws over for Thanksgiving, and so she needed to train Brutus quickly not to swear.

Just before her Mother-in-law was due Brutus cussed terribly, so Martha but him in the freezer for 2 minutes to literally cool off.

Then she opened the door and took out the parrot along with the turkey.

"And have you learned your lesson about cussing?" Martha asked the parrot.

Brutus the parrot took one look at the dead turkey and said: "I sure have. But I have one question, What the fuck did the turkey do?"


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