One Hot Cup "O" Whoop Ass!!!

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In association with some moldy smelling guy by the gas station bathroom, who despite our urgings would not share his Ham and cheese sammich.
What kinda world is this when a moldy guy will not share a sammich?
By a gas station bathroom no less!

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AOL Tech Support
This picture was submitted to us by a friend and semi-co-worker. That is Ol Crazy Philsy in the Chimp suit himself, whence he were an AOL tech for real.

*Don't make him mad, they throw their crap you know? -- Howler
*After seeing Matthew Broderick in Project X, large corporations have tried to capitalize on the simulator theory.......but to no avail....this chimp knows too much! -- OL Crazy Philsy
*RAH!! RAH!!! RAH!!!! BANANA CHIPS or BUST!! -- OL Crazy Philsy


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